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Silvia Serranti is Full Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials & Environment (DICMA), Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She is a PhD geologist and she has been working for 18 years at the Raw Materials Unit of DICMA.

Research activity is mainly focused to primary and secondary raw material characterization and valorization in order to improve the industrial process performances and the product quality and to develop innovative on-line sorting strategies, based on different sensing techniques.

The characterization of primary and secondary raw materials is carried out by different classical and advanced analytical methods: laser diffraction, spectroscopic techniques, such as Raman, FT-IR and hyperspectral imaging (VIS-NIR, NIR and SWIR wavelength field), micro-tomographic techniques, optical and electronic microscopy (SEM), classical chemical analyses (ICP, XRF), digital image processing (classical and hyperspectral). Investigated materials include: bottom ash from municipal solid waste incinerators, fluff from automotive shredder residues, construction & demolition waste, tyres, glass cullet, plastics from complex post-consumer waste, compost, biomasses, manure, e-waste. Also solid particles coming from the food industries are taken into account (dried fruits, cereals, ham, etc.), as well as materials from cultural heritage.

She is author of more than 160 scientific papers and she was and by the partecipation in 11 different EU Research Projects. She is referee for several scientific journals

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  • Recupero e riciclaggio dei materiali
  • Tecnologie avanzate per il riciclo dei materiali
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