The Department Governance is composed by: Department Council, Department Director, Department Board. The Director of Department is assisted in the management of the activities by the Responsible of Administration, as delegate of Sapienza General Director, who coordinates administrative and accounting activities.
Prof. Paolo de Filippis
Ph: +39 06 44585562
Fax: +39 06 44585451
Administration Responsible
Dr. Giovanna Bianco
Ph: +39 06 44585593
Fax: +39 06 44585451
Department Board
The Department Board is composed by the Director, who chairs it , and two representatives elected from each of the members of the Council. Actual board composition is:
Director: Paolo de Filippis . Full Professors: Nicola Verdone, Jacopo Tirillò. Associate Professors: Mara Lombardi, Maria Laura Santarelli Researcher: Antonio Brasiello, Giuseppe Capobianco Administration: Andrea Brotzu, Ilaria Cagnizi. Student: Virgilio Genova. Administration Responsible: Giovanna Bianco
Department Council
The Department Council is made up of full/associate professors and researchers, representatives of the administrative staff and students. The role of Secretary is reserved to the Responsible of the Administration.