Bonifazi Giuseppe

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Professore Ordinario - SSD: ING-IND/29 Ingegneria delle Materie Prime


tel: +39.06.4458.5925 - fax: +39.06.4458.5618
mobile: +39.338.1603089

Sede: Materie Prime - Piano: VI - Stanza n.: 3  

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Giuseppe Bonifazi is Full Professor of Raw Materials beneficiation at the Department of Chemical, Materials and Environment at Sapienza - University of Rome. He has an extensive experience over 25 years on characterization of particulate solids by image processing. Main scientific and technical fields object of investigation: i) study of software and hardware integrated architectures for the synthesis, the classification and the recognition of numeric signals; ii) development and set up of procedures for the identification of objects and material using pattern recognition techniques based on classical and hyperspectral imaging techniques and iii) analysis and the application of methodologies to study and model industrial processes with reference to particulate solids material. His specific expertise in the field of powder and bulk solids includes the development of  algorithms, software & hardware architectures to reach the characterizations, with particular reference to particles constituted by several phases and complex textures and morphology.


Roma - Giorno: Lunedì     Ora: 10-13

Latina - Giorno: Martedì    Ora: 10-13


Ingegneria delle Materie Prime
Recupero e Riciclo delle Materie Prime Primarie e Secondarie
Metodologie Strumentali Integrate per la Salvaguardia Ambientale
Sicurezza e Protezione Ambientale nel Trattamento dei Solidi

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