Boldini Daniela

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SSD: ING-IND/28 Ingegneria e Sicurezza degli Scavi
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sede: materie prime,  piano VI - stanza 6
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Curriculum vitae
  • Professore Associato presso la Sapienza Università di Roma dal 04/11/2019
  • Professore Associato presso l’Università di Bologna dal 15/09/2014 al 03/11/2019
  • Ricercatore presso l’Università di Bologna dal 01/10/2005 al 14/09/2014
  • Dottore di Ricerca in Ingegneria Geotecnica (marzo 2003) presso la Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Laurea vecchio ordinamento in Ingegneria per l’Ambiente e il Territorio presso la Sapienza Università di Roma, votazione 110/110 e lode (22/07/1998)

Venerdì 10.00-12.00 e su appuntamento



Ultime 15 pubblicazioni su rivista:

  1. Franza A., Miraei S., Boldini D., Losacco N. (2022): “An equivalent beam approach for assessing tunnelling-induced distortions of frames with infills”. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, vol. 129, article 104686.
  2. Schoen M., Hölter R., Boldini D., Lavasan A.A. (2022): “Application of optimal experiment design method to detect ideal sensor positions: a case study of Milan metro line 5”. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, vol. 130, article 104723.
  3. Zhang H., Boldini D., Wang L., Deng H., Liu C. (2022): “Influence of block form on the shear behaviour of soft soil-rock mixtures by 3D block modelling approaches”. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, vol. 55, 3279-3300.
  4. Boldini D., Losacco N., Franza A., Dejong M., Xu J., Marshall A. (2021): “Tunneling-induced deformation of bare frame structures on sand: numerical study of building deformations”. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, vol. 147(11): 04021116.
  5. Xu J., Franza A., Marshall A., Losacco N., Boldini D. (2021): “Tunnel-framed building interaction: comparison between raft and separate footing foundations". Géotechnique, vol. 71(7), 631-644.
  6. Hu X., Zhang H., Boldini D., Liu C., He C., Wu S. (2021): “3D modelling of soil-rock mixtures considering the morphology and fracture characteristics of breakable blocks”. Computers and Geotechnics, article 103985.
  7. Foderà G.M., Voza A., Barovero G., Tinti F., Boldini D. (2020): “Factors influencing overbreak volumes in drill-and-blast tunnel excavation. A statistical analysis applied to the case study of the Brenner Base Tunnel – BBT. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, article 103475.
  8. Zhang H., Xu X., Boldini D., He C., Liu C., Ai C. (2020): “Evaluation of the shear strength parameters of a compacted S-RM fill using improved 2_D and 3-D limit equilibrium methods”. Engineering Geology, article 105550.
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  12. Verrucci L., Tommasi P., Boldini D., Graziani A., Rotonda T. (2019): “Modelling the instability phenomena on the NW flank of Stromboli Volcano (Italy) due to lateral dyke intrusion”. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, vol. 371, 245-262.
  13. Boldini D., Losacco N., Bertolin S., Amorosi A. (2018): “Finite Element modelling of tunnelling-induced displacements on framed structures”. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, vol. 80, 222-231.
  14. Falcone G., Boldini D., Amorosi A. (2018): “Site response analysis of an urban area: a multi-dimensional and non-linear approach”. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, vol. 109, 33-45.
  15. Boldini D., Bruno R., Egger H., Stafisso D., Voza A. (2018): “Statistical and geostatistical analysis of drilling parameters in the Brenner Base tunnel”. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, vol. 51(6), 1955-1963.

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Aree di interesse
  • Ingegneria delle rocce
  • Opere in sotterraneo
  • Modellazione numerica e costitutiva di geomateriali