Petrucci Elisabetta

Abstract  Associate Professor

tel: +39.06.4458.5569 - fax: +39.06.4827453

Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment, Via Eudossiana, 18, 00184 - Roma

Third Floor, Room 303

Curriculum vitae

Vice-coordinator of the PhD course in "Chemical Processes for Industry and the Environment".

Member of the Monitoring Committee of the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering.

Member of the University Group for Quality and Innovation in teaching (QuiD)

Member of the Studies Board for the Sustainable Building Engineering course, Rieti Area.

Member of the Research Commission of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Furthermore: member of the ISE (International Society of Electrochemistry), of the SCI (Italian Chemical Society), of AIMAT (Italian Association of Materials Engineering), of AIDIC (Italian Association of Chemical Engineering) and of CRITEVAT (Centro Reatino di ricerche di Ingegneria per la Tutela E la Valorizzazione dell’Ambiente e del Territorio).



The scientific activity is documented by about 100 experimental works, among which, around 60 have been published or accepted in peer reviewed international journals, 1 patent (RM2013A000477) and three book chapters. Research has focused mainly on the development of sustainable technologies for the protection of the environment. Main topics have been:

  • Preparation, characterization and application of innovative electrode materials;
  • Electrogeneration of oxidizing species with low environmental impact;
  • Treatments for the environmental remediation of contaminated soils and sediments
  • Enhancement and recovery of waste from industrial processes
  • Nanostructured materials for advanced remediation processes

Team member in research projects funded by Sapienza University of Rome, by the Faculty of Engineering, by AST (Science and Tecnology Academy), in three national PRIN and three European projects (JEP 32101, Econano 543924, CRITERIA).

Invited referee for more than 20 international journals and Guest Editor for international journals issues:

  • Chemistry and Ecology, Vol. 27, Supp, 107–118 (2011)
  • Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol. 47 (2016)
  • Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol. 60 (2017)

Member of the Steering Committee and the Scientific Secretariat of the ERA (Electrochemistry for the Environment) National Conferences in 2003 (Rome, September 2003) and 2004 (Rome, November 2004) and the Bosicon International Conferences (Soil and Sediment Remediation) in 2009 (Rome, May 2009) and 2012 (Rome, 12-14 September 2012) editions. Member of the organizing committee of the XXXV Meeting of the Electrochemistry Group of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and 1st E3 Mediterranean Symposium: Electrochemistry for environment and Energy, (Burgos, Spain, 2014), of the 10th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering (Chia ( Ca), 2014), of the first International Conference of Nanotechnology based innovative applications for the environment (Rome, 2016), of the Second International Conference of Nanotechnology based innovative applications for the environment (Rome, 2017).

Member of the Scientific Council of the GEI-ERA 2012 Congress (Salina (ME), 2012) and of the II Mediterranean Symposium: Electrochemistry for Environment and Energy (Gargnano, BS, 2016).

Office hours
Rieti office: Monday and Wednesday 13.00-14.00 and 15.30-16.30 
Roma office: Thursday 14.00-16.00
In any other day, by appointment via email request.
  • Materials Technology for Sustainable Construction with Applied Chemistry Elements, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Rieti Area, 9CFU
  • Technologies of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, 6CFU
Selected papers
  1. I. Bavasso, C. Poggi, E. Petrucci, Enhanced degradation of paracetamol by combining UV with electrogenerated hydrogen peroxide and ozone, J Water Process Eng 34 (2020) art. no. 101102.
  2. R. Merli, M. Preziosi, A. Acampora, M.C. Lucchetti, E. Petrucci, Recycled fibers in reinforced concrete: A systematic literature review, J Clean Prod 248 (2020) art. no. 119207.
  3. I. Bavasso, D. Montanaro, L. Di Palma, E. Petrucci, Electrochemically assisted decomposition of ozone for degradation and mineralization of Diuron, Electrochim. Acta, 331 (2020) art. no. 135423.
  4. E. Petrucci, D. Montanaro, M. Orsini, G. Sotgiu, Micro- and nanostructured TiO2 substrate: Influence on the electrocatalytic properties of manganese oxide based electrodes, J Electroanal Chem 808 (2018) 380-386.
  5. B. De Caprariis, P. De Filippis, D. A. Hernandez, E. Petrucci, A. Petrullo, M. Scarsella, M. Turchi, Pyrolysis wastewater treatment by adsorption on biochars produced by poplar biomass, J Environ Manag 197(2017) 231-238.
  6. E. Petrucci, L. Di Palma, M. M. Monaco, D. Montanaro, Use of Nano Zero-Valent Iron to Reduce Inorganic Species Electrogenerated during Anodic Oxidation on Boron Doped Diamond Anodes, Chem Eng Trans 47 (2016), 175-180.
  7. D. Montanaro, R. Lavecchia, E. Petrucci, A. Zuorro, UV-assisted electrochemical degradation of coumarin on boron-doped diamond electrodes, Chem Eng J 323 (2017) 512-519.
  8. M. Fidaleo, R. Lavecchia, E. Petrucci, A. Zuorro, Application of a novel definitive screening design to decolorization of an azo dye on boron-doped diamond electrodes, Int J Environ Sci Technol 13(2016, 835-842.
  9. E. Petrucci, A. Da Pozzo L. Di Palma, On the ability to electrogenerate hydrogen peroxide and to regenerate ferrous ions of three selected carbon-based cathodes for electro-Fenton processes, Chem Eng J, 283 (2016) 750-758.
  10. G. Sotgiu, L. Tortora, E. Petrucci, Influence of surface roughening of Titanium substrate in the electrochemical activity of Manganese oxide thin film electrode in anodic oxidation of dye-containing solutions, J Appl Electrochem 45 (2015) 787-797.
  11. Di Palma L., Gueye M.T., Petrucci E., Hexavalent chromium reduction in contaminated soil: A comparison between ferrous sulphate and nanoscale zero-valent iron, J Hazard Mater, 281 (2015) 70-76,

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