Bravi Marco

Abstract docente Professore Associato - SSD: ING-IND/25 IMPIANTI CHIMICI
Contatti tel: +39 06.4458.5587 - fax: +39 06.4827453
sede: ICM - piano 1 - stanza 102
Curriculum vitae I hold a PhD in Chemical Engineering. My publications (please find them at cover the following areas:
  • Microalgal technology: processes (how to use microalgae to obtain something), equipment (how to grow microalgae, separate them from liquid, split them into desired fractions and products)
  • Biorefinery and optimisation of biorefining techniques using novel green solvents (switchable solvents and natural deep eutectic solvents--NaDES)
  • Bioreactors and photoboreactors: design, operation, optimisation, troubleshooting.
  • Food characterisation: man-based and artificial sensory analysis (using Electronic Noses)

As a borderline activity, I develop and take care of Plodar percbain, a vineyard I have created in the high Dolomites (Sappada)
I am a Member of Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica (AIDIC), of the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) and of Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e le Applicazioni delle Microalghe. I am a member of the Industrial Biotechnology Working Group of AIDIC, and of Sections “Microalgae” and “Downstream Processing” of ESBES.
Former relevant research projects have concerned biorefinery techniques, bioprocess engineering, food technology, and industrial crystallisation.

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Sapone, V., Iannone, A., Alivernini, A., Cicci, A., Jessop, P. G., & Bravi, M. (2023). An innovative simplified one-pot process for Astaxanthin purification from Paracoccus carotinifaciens. Separation and Purification Technology, 308, 122843.

Panunzi, A., Moroni, M., Mazzelli, A., & Bravi, M. (2022). Industrial Case-Study-Based Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling of Stirred and Aerated Bioreactors. ACS omega, 7(29), 25152-25163.

Mazzelli, A., Valentini, M., Cicci, A., Iaquaniello, G., & Bravi, M. (2022). Industrial bio-fractionation process of microalgae valuable products using supercritical CO2. A techno-economical evaluation. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 178, 50-60.

Cunha, I. T., McKeeman, M., Ramezani, M., Hayashi-Mehedy, K., Lloyd-Smith, A., Bravi, M., & Jessop, P. G. (2022). Amine-free CO 2-switchable hydrophilicity solvents and their application in extractions and polymer recycling. Green Chemistry, 24(9), 3704-3716.

Olivieri, G., Moroni, M., Janssen, M., Piersanti, L., Mezza, D., & Bravi, M. (2021). Model-based prediction of perceived light flashing in Recirculated inclined wavy-bottomed photobioreactors. Processes, 9(7), 1158.